About Our Rescue Family

Rescue Construction Solutions: Your Full-Service Licensed General Contractor for a variety of projects, great and small.

Rescue Construction Solutions offers homeowners, business owners, and real estate investors throughout North Carolina a single reliable source of top-quality construction services. Our expert team brings over 30 years of industry experience and a proven reputation for impeccable workmanship and exceptional customer service to every project. Regardless of your budget or vision, Rescue Construction Solutions has the in-depth knowledge and extensive resources to provide exactly what you need—and something more: the extra benefits that distinguish us from the competition.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Top-quality roof repair, replacement, and installation services for projects big and small: As a privately owned and HUB certified business that frequently partners with major construction companies and real estate investment groups, as well as the countless homeowners we have helped in our communities, we combine many hallmarks traits of a first-rate general contractor:

    • THE PASSION: for not only adding VALUE to properties in the communities we serve, but also for the people within those communities
    • THE INTEGRITY: to always uphold our good name, and maintain the value our customers have come to expect from us
    • THE CAPABILITY: to handle projects of any size and degree of complexity
    • THE CARE: for both our community as it stands, and as we leave it for generations to come, Rescue Construction Solutions strives to do whatever it takes to leave the lightest carbon footprint possible

What We Believe

Whether it’s replacing the asphalt shingles on a single-family home, installing an energy-efficient TPO roof on a new supermarket or hotel, or replacing wheelchair ramps throughout a multi-family apartment complex, every job is as important to us as it is to you.

  • Reasons to believe: How do you know we are as good as we say we are? We can show you the proof that starts with the thousands of homes we have improved, as well as  our industry certifications and track record of successful state-funded projects. These milestones prove that we have been rigorously vetted and that  we have repeatedly met tough government and industry standards for safety, energy efficiency, materials selection, and construction methods. Need more proof that we deliver on our promises? See for yourself:

  • Complete coverage: We make caring for your most valuable real estate assets easy, affordable, and worry-free by optimizing every aspect of your project:
    • A no-pressure sales approach and competitive pricing
    • Help with financing
    • Friendly, courteous service from licensed, bonded, and insured roofing professionals
    • Meticulous cleanup of the worksite
    • A cost-effective service agreement that extends the lifespan of your project by addressing minor problems before they become major challenges

  • A rapid response to your requests: Five locations and a commitment to your satisfaction and convenience mean your construction needs are never left on the back burner.
    • Prompt scheduling – expect us to get back to you to set up an appointment within an hour of contacting us
    • Emergency rescues – help arrives in under


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