Commercial Roofing Solutions
Complete support for all commercial roofing requirements

Over 30 years’ of commercial roofing experience.

As a one-stop shop with a commitment to total customer satisfaction and OSHA safety standards, Rescue Roofing Specialists prides itself on providing commercial property investors with complete support for all their roofing requirements and concerns.  Whether you’re looking to repair or replace an existing roof or construct one from scratch for a new building, our highly trained and reliable roofing professionals ensure a smooth, efficient process with superior results.

The complexity of commercial roofing calls for a roofing contractor that stands out from the crowd.  Rescue Roofing Specialists has everything it takes to deliver commercial roofing solutions that provide a full return on your property investment.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Experience with a wide range of commercial properties, such as restaurants, supermarkets, office buildings, and apartment communities.

  • Project management with over 30 years’ experience and a clear understanding of your application needs

  • The technical know-how to properly install the roofing materials that address your specific priorities:

    • Thermoplastic olefin (TPO) roofing membrane – economical, durable, heat-reflective (reduces cooling costs), 100% recyclable

    • EPDM (rubber) systems – cost-effective, environmentally friendly, weather-resistant, available in heat-reflective version (white EPDM), long-lasting, ideal for flat or low-pitched roofs

    • Metal – combines strength with visual appeal

    • Options tailored to your architectural vision – from slate, tile, and other natural materials to designer asphalt shingles.

  • The high-level project management skills needed to complete your project on time and with minimal disruption of your business operations

  • Strategic industry partnerships that enable us to meet the demands of major construction projects

  • An extensive track record of delivering projects that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and energy performance

  • HUB certified as a female minority owned business
To learn more about our roofing solutions, visit the Rescue Roofing Specialist Website.